for event planners


This decision is huge. You don’t need just another talker – you need a proven implementation dynamo who really delivers the promised WOW! Mark David Jones is your proven, go-to speaker.

Mark’s gripping “in-your-face” style is grounded in decades of real-world experience and the expertise from presenting to over 1,300 audiences…that’s why so many of his 50+ keynotes a year are repeat clients. Mark is an award-winning former Disney® leader who now actively partners with the most respected brands in the world, including: Google®, Ritz Carlton®, Harley-Davidson®, NASA®, Mayo Clinic, and many more.  When you book Mark, you get:

  • Exclusive Fortune 500® insights
  • Proven world-class experience
  • Dynamic, engaging style
  • Easy to do business with

Your results? Fresh insights…Fun Surprises…Useful tools…Inspiration… everything that works best for your unique situation. There’s one thing you can be sure of: this experience will be a new benchmark! Your group wins…and you win. 


VP, General Electric— “The standing ovation obviously reflects your…excellent evaluations. More importantly, my President is extremely excited about the tangible tools you shared…and the senior leadership team already wants to bring you back for more! Thanks for delivering on your promise—you made me the hero!”

There’s one thing you can be sure of: Your event will be a new benchmark!

A Personal Message from Mark…

Finally! Someone really understands, really delivers and is actually making it easy for you!

Having worked closely with professionals like yourself for many years, I’ve noticed how incredibly complicated your day-to-day workload is. I’m also extremely aware that your reputation is riding on me WOWing everyone – especially your key leadership – and I take that very, very seriously. To best support you, I pay particular attention to the issues you care most about. Consider me your “one stop shop”—making it easy for you to be successful. 

Your new secret weapon,

Insider Tips For Event Planners

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my promises to you:

As a partner in your success, here are my promises to you before, during and after my presentation…


• Be accessible to you in advance to discuss plans for your presentation
• Be clear about your business, your industry, the purpose, and goals of your event
• Understand your objectives for my presentation and relate my information to your audience
• Be aware of other event dynamics and design my presentation for alignment
• Share any information you need (my itinerary, etc.) to help make my involvement stress-free for you and to contribute to your success


• Notify you when I arrive on site (and contact you immediately should any delays occur)
• Be an accessible on-site resource for you from the time I arrive until I leave the airport
• Be very reasonable in the use of my expenses
• Be dressed appropriately
• Work with your AV team well in advance to support all equipment tests
• Stay unobtrusive until it is my time to speak
• Provide a sample introduction and coach my introducer, as needed
• Respond professionally to any unexpected problems that may arise
• Be well rested and completely prepared to perform at 100%


• Never use inappropriate language or behavior
• Interact with your audience and involve them for their benefit
• Present well-researched, relevant insights
• Use visual aids to enhance the impact of my presentation
• Make time for questions and comments from your audience
• Never abuse my speaking responsibility with an on-stage “sales pitch”


• Remain after my presentation to answer questions/interact as needed
• Provide itemized expenses, with receipts, and invoice in a timely manner
• Suggest follow-up support for maintaining the resulting audience enthusiasm
• Never disclose any sensitive or proprietary information about your client organization
• Keep you in the loop regarding follow-up requests from audience members
• Continue to be a resource and partner in your success

Thank you for trusting me with your event. I will not let you down. 

I promise.