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Leadership Excellence

While at Disney World, I was in charge of Leadership initiatives.  While leading numerous large-scale organizational change efforts, I came to realize that they all, at their core, were actually leadership initiatives.  When you affect how the people in your organization lead, you begin to change the culture – and the rest of the links (workforce/customer experience, operational outcomes) begin to improve.

Imagine the transformation of your company if every leader (with or without a title) finally had the tools to optimize their potential – as well as their teams.  Develop your leaders to future-proof your business!

At Disney, we developed our “Great Leader Strategies” that guided all leadership efforts across all facets of that huge, multi-functional corporation.  The behind-the-scenes secrets of Leadership include:

⦁ Values-based Accountability – “What you value on the inside will eventually leak out in your behaviors”

⦁ Alignment for Integrity – “Behavioral alignment creates operational integrity and strength”

⦁ Point the Way – “Chart the course for True North and maintain the non-negotiables”

⦁ Mastering Time as a Discipline – “How to prioritize important tasks for optimal results – every time”

⦁ Strategic Communication – “How to use your words and actions to inspire courageous outcomes”

⦁ Develop People to Develop Results – “Your team rows.  You steer…and teach them to (eventually) do the same”

Which of these “behind-the-scenes” insights could transform your operation?

“We started working with Mark as a keynote on leadership, customer service, and talent management for our conferences and have since enlisted him to transform our entire international business culture.  His team has made a huge difference on our bottom line.” 

“Mark David Jones is the most versatile, dynamic, and “easy to do business with” speaker I have hired in 20 years.”


Employee Engagement

“Our members loved the insights about Disney, Ritz-Carlton, and Harley-Davidson, etc.  (Mark) has an amazing collection of life experiences – as well as a rich source of pragmatic tools to help them realize the business excellence they join our association to achieve.”  

“Mark is the best speaker I’ve ever heard!  He was so entertaining I didn’t realize I was learning so much until he walked us through the review.  TONS of ideas to take back!” 

Creating a culture of engagement is a common short-coming of  most organizations.  World-class companies defy this by providing the guidance and resources required to develop the kind of team environment that feeds on quality, excellence, and supporting your worthy cause.  Teams that are agile, unified, and passionate are a driving force that is innovative and consistently exceeds expectations.

Imagine if you were able to really connect with your workforce and provide low/no cost tools to create  buy-in, ownership, and passion…and the huge difference that would make for your results! 

Want buy-in, ownership, and passion?  The behind-the-scenes secrets to world-class Employee Engagement include:

⦁ Your Employee Compass – “Going beyond knowing about to understanding your employees”

⦁ Selecting Right Fit Talent – “How to win the war for loyal, long-term star players”

⦁ Strategic Onboarding – “How to set the stage so new hires ‘get it and keep it’”

⦁ Training Up Team Players – “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

⦁ Recognizing (and Retaining) Excellence – “What low/no cost rewards really work?”

⦁ Strategic Service Recovery – “Get to the root of fixing the real customer issue (for low or no cost) and improve your operation at the same time!” 

Which of these “behind-the-scenes” insights could transform your operation?

Change & Innovation

Managing change is always a matter of doing things differently.  Creativity is merely something different.  Innovation is something that is different AND useful.  Disney Imagineers are famous for creating and implementing ideas that amaze their fans all over the world.  If you want to “future-proof” your business, you need to adapt to your customers’ constantly evolving wants and expectations.

Imagine having self-managed agile teams of change agents across your organization and how they could impact your ability to get and stay relevant – regardless of how your industry shifts.  Some of the behind-the-scenes secrets to create a sustainable competitive advantage are:

⦁ Who Are You? “Great ideas are defined by alignment with your brand”

⦁ Where are You Going? – “Your vision dictates the direction of your new ideas”

⦁ What Details Matter Most? – “Value is determined by the impact on your Customer, your Team, and your Operation”

⦁ Why Must You? – “How to motivate the team to exceed expectations, not just meet them”

⦁ Organize or Agonize – “How to make limited resources an advantage”

⦁ Creating Agile Change Agents – “Multiplied difference-makers improve everything, all the time”

Which of these “behind-the-scenes” insights could transform your operation?


“WOW!  I’ve never seen anyone combine it all like Mark did!  Humor, serious business solutions, and fascinating inside stories that no one else shares.  Our team can’t wait to start implementing his suggestions!” 

“We’ve had consultants come and go, but none have been as impactful as Mark David Jones.  Where other speakers know about some things, Mark has actually done them.  Anyone can read a book.  With Mark, you get proven, real-world tools – and our company is still buzzing about how exciting his session was.  We’re already planning an event so we can have him return!”

Customer Service

“You have to experience Mark to believe how well he combines his Disney-level entertainment style with the hard-core operations business tools from these great companies.  He really does make becoming world-class possible!”

“Mark was instrumental in guiding us to our breakthrough!  His energy and insight cut right through the morass we’ve been wading through and identified the real issue holding us back.  We are finally on our way to becoming the success story we’ve always wanted!” 

Whether your term is “client” or “patient” or “constituent” or “guest” (etc.), your customer’s experience is the lifeblood of your business.  Earning repeat visits and referrals is what feeds your growth and defines how you are accomplishing your mission.  The world’s best companies are admired  based on the consistent delivery of the customer experience.  Regardless of  the industry you are in, private or public sector, you exist to provide products and services to a particular group of people…and they determine if you are successful or not. 

Imagine if those you serve were raving about their experience and recommending you to everyone the knew…how would that improve your business?

The behind-the-scenes secrets to world-class service include:

⦁ The Core Non-Negotiables – “The deeper things that drive your customer’s satisfaction are the key to consistently exceeding expectations and earning loyalty”

⦁ The Delivery Systems – “There are four components to the customer experience that determines success”

⦁ The Integrity Matrix – “The alignment between your company brand and your customer reveals integrity – and the “right” experience”

⦁ Customer Touchpoints – “How to optimize every aspect of your customer’s entire experience”

⦁ “Plussing It Up” – “How to add planned and spontaneous surprises that delight your customers”

⦁ Tangible Memories – “How to provide tools for your customers to spread the word about you”

Which of these “behind-the-scenes” insights could transform your operation?

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