Here’s some great resources to help you achieve your breakthrough…all for the unbelievable price of FREE!

I’ll be adding more for you as I populate this new website, but for now, you have access to:

  • Blogs – Full of insights about my on-going work with various world-class organizations and my 26-year career at Disney.  Eventually, I’ll be adding a video format that you can share with your team for quick implementation wins!
  • Newsletters – I’ve been asked to send out occasional newsletters that share more in-depth behind-the-scenes insights on Leadership, Employee Engagement, Change & Innovation, Customer Service, and Operational Excellence.  Please sign up if you are interested.
  • Book stuff – As an overzealous reader, I often get asked about what books I recommend.  I’ve started a list here and will curate lists based on topic for you.  Of course, I’ll also update you on any future books that I have published (so you can pick my brain anytime!)
  • Downloadable free resources/tools – COMING SOON: I’ll be adding assessments and other tools for you to use in your workplace to jump-start your transformation!

Here’s the bottom line:

  • We are hyper-careful with your information.  Our database is encrypted and secure.  And we never EVER sell or rent or allow ANY use of your information other than what you’ve requested from us (Mark David Jones and Small World Alliance).  I will never abuse your trust.  Period.
  • We will never send you “too frequent” emails.  (This is one of my pet-peeves.)  All of my emails are for intended to provide value to you, not sell you anything.  I figure, when you want my help, you’ll contact me.  (I know, I get skewered by the sales folks, but this approach has worked for me for years – and I don’t plan on changing this anytime.  It’s just how I am.)

Feel free to let others know about this site and my services.  I’m happy to help!