speaking overview

“We can’t thank you enough for your brilliant keynote.  It was all we hoped for and more.  You kept all 4,800 attendees affixed and walking away with loads of ideas for our return.  I’ve never seen our leadership so excited!”  


Let me start by saying that I’ve learned a few things over the past 1,300 keynotes:

I know you despise speakers who fly in at the last minute, drone on with their stale, generic script, then rush off to make the next flight out, focusing on the next paycheck.  So, when you hire me, I arrive early and stay late to support your organization and make sure everyone gets an opportunity to gain value from the event.  I’m yours for the day!

Secondly, I don’t do canned “off-the-shelf” keynotes like many speakers do. I customize every presentation because your circumstances are unique – and you deserve an experience that is designed to be 100% relevant, engaging, and with the specific, practical tools that will spark the real-world transformation you need. 

Not 80%.  Not 90%. 


This means I research your industry, your company’s current challenges and goals, identify proven strategies and tools that can best bridge the gap for you, and deliver an engaging, interactive experience with behind-the-scenes stories and examples that make your custom solutions memorable.  Always.

“This is the third time we have hired Mark and he continues to exceed our expectations!  Whether a keynote or a workshop, with executives or our front line, he always finds just the right style of interaction and content insights.”

“Not only did Mark blow away our attendees, he exceeded my (cynical) coordination team’s expectations as well!  You really DO deliver!  Thanks for being such a great partner!”


I deliver your message, not mine. I’m your expert for hire – the catalyst to create momentum for your team’s transformation.

In addition, I don’t just do the keynote. When you book me, I’m yours for the day. I can offer additional support for your event, such as an executive strategy meeting, break-out session, panel discussion, or workshop – at no extra charge! – just to make sure you have every advantage possible to successfully implement your new initiative.  (I love WOWing your audiences.  Delivering unexpected surprises is habit-forming!)

Next, you probably want to know about my approach and the topics I am able to deliver. Based on my experience leading transformation initiatives, I’ve become known as a “jack of all trades” due to having to lead the multi-faceted nature of organizational improvement dynamics. To help organize the dozens of topics that could be part of your company’s next chapter, I’d like to introduce an overview of what creates “the business behind the magic”.

Bottom line: You want sustainable success. So I share the behind-the-scenes strategies and tactics that all world-class organizations use to achieve long-term success – and show you how to implement them for your organization

To best understand the “Chain Reaction of Excellence” above, just think about real-world natural consequences – starting with the end in mind: Success – at the far right side of the chain. What creates that growth and success? Highly satisfied customers who have become loyal advocates. Continuing to the left, what creates an experience that exceeds their expectations? Innovation! How does innovation and an engaging experience happen? Engaged employees work together effectively in a high-performing way that is customer-centric. Finally, at the beginning on the far left, what establishes and helps create a culture of excellence? Extraordinary leadership!

World-class companies claim this as the “secret sauce” to success, so I share their behind-the-scenes best practices for every link in this chain…all for your group’s transformation!  I’d be thrilled to help you implement these breakthrough insights.  Call today!

Speaking Options

Let’s talk!  Since every event is different, there’s no way your keynote/workshop should be the canned, off-the-shelf speech most speakers repeat.  Mark is known for his true customization of every presentation – to specifically align with the objectives/theme of your event and reinforcing the hard work you’ve done to make it successful.   Your breakthrough tools can be delivered via any of the following four methods:      

       – Keynotes (up to 90 minutes)
       – Workshops (2-4 hours each)
       – Seminars (1-4 days each)
       – Consultation (as needed)

Speaking topics

Obviously, your real life isn’t easily divided into simplistic content boxes (why do the other speakers try to cookie-cutter your choices?  Frustrating!)  Your unique need is likely a combination of solutions from these interconnected topics.  Please explore them to start your process and we can clarify afterwards with a free consultation discussion.