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ISBN: 9781947308848

Pages: 272

Publication Date: February 2019

Formats: Paperback, PDF

Lead With Your Customer - Mark David Jones & Jeff Kober

Your one-stop shop for world-class results.

The most admired organizations in the world have the same basic resources you have—offices, computers, pencils, pens, phones, Internet, people. The primary difference is the way they use those resources. How do successful organizations consistently succeed? We witness their extraordinary results, but the secrets often remain hidden.

In Lead With Your Customer, authors Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober offer the key success tools all world-class organizations have in common and explain how your organization can adopt them. To understand their customer-first approach, they offer the World Class Excellence Model—the result of decades of success as leaders at the Walt Disney Company and years of experience and research working with over two dozen Fortune 500 companies. The authors explain how “world-class” status can be attained by many organizations and isn’t the domain of only the most expensive, luxurious, or popular brands.

Jones and Kober guide you by detailing benchmark practices and illustrating how they are followed by all best-in-class organizations by viewing each person inside and around the organization as your “customer”—internally, as you engage your employees and build your organization’s culture, and externally, as you engage your customers and build your brand. For this second edition, the authors present updated examples from organizations such as IKEA, Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, Ritz-Carlton, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and, of course, Walt Disney.


“As the former executive vice president of operations for Walt Disney World, I often get asked to share Disney’s secret to success. This book is different. Lead With Your Customer shows both the strategic way the most successful companies expand their customer service to include their employees, as well as pragmatic tactics these companies use to achieve an industry-leading corporate culture and brand. The lessons from Lead With Your Customer apply to any professional in any kind of organization in any country who sincerely wants lasting results. I suggest you implement the tools in this book today—before your competition does!”

Lee Cockerell, Former Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World

“World-class customer service is proven to be the cornerstone of great companies and brands. Lead With Your Customer has true application as a formula for success for any company that seeks to create a culture of high performance and consistent results, through a leadership model that can utilize the six Ps as its road map. To help build your world-class brand, I highly recommend this book for each member of your leadership team.”

Clint Westbrook Vice President, Global Operational Excellence, Aramark

“Don’t let terms like brand fool you. Lead With Your Customer may be filled with private-sector examples, but there is widespread application to the business of government. Focusing everyone on a vision, operationalizing your values, delivering on your promises, and understanding your employees and customers by walking in their shoes are powerful concepts. They apply to every federal, state, and local government; indeed, they are indispensable if you want to transform your bureaucracies.”

David Osborne Co-Author, Reinventing Government and The Price of Government

“The bookshelves are full of expensive leadership tomes written by academics and professional speech-givers. But Mark David Jones and Jeff Kober are the real deal! Their leadership lessons are vibrantly illustrated with real-world stories from successful real-life experiences as Disney executives and then world-class consultants to dozens of companies and government agencies. Whether you’re just starting your career or making the move to the C-suite, and no matter what line of work you’re in, Lead With Your Customer will inspire and excite you to excel!”

Rick Luce Space Systems Program Manager and Former Disney Imagineer

“Whether you are an entrepreneur incubating thoughts of your next venture or you direct a global enterprise, Lead With Your Customer will help you combine time-tested truths with practical tools you can apply today. Let these world-class experts help you break away from mediocrity by challenging you and your organization’s processes to attain world-class results!”

Claudio Diaz SPHR, Chief Human Capital Officer, Marcum LLP

“Too often corporate values are passed along as philosophies of business, but not linked to the reality of the corporate decision making. Yet, when organizations live their values as the foundation for all business decisions and systems, they create an organization of excellence. Lead With Your Customer is about more than creating customer service; it is about creating organizational excellence. This book provides a well-articulated road map for moving values from philosophy to reality, making the case that values are the essential business tool for sustained corporate success.”

David Cohen Author of Bestselling The Talent Edge and Inside the Box, President, Strategic Action Group

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ISBN: 9781562867164

Pages: 504

Publisher: ASTD Press

Formats: Paperback, PDF

The ASTD Leadership Handbook - Elaine Biech, editor

A looming leadership gap faces most organizations over the next 10 years. Has your organization prepared for the imminent lack-of-leadership crisis? Do you have a pipeline of developed leaders for the future?

Leadership is the most important competency for individual and organizational success and advancement. As Cynthia D. McCauley of the Center for Creative Leadership notes in her overview, leadership is also “a tool designed to help with a particular human dilemma: how to get individuals to work together effectively to produce collective outcomes.”

When you need to learn more about how to drive success in your organization, where do you turn? To the experts. The ASTD Leadership Handbook provides 48 thought leaders—the names you know and have come to trust—who will enable you to learn about every facet of leadership. Here you’ll find a substantial and practical collection of wisdom, philosophies, and tools from the most respected authorities on the subject. Within this impressive volume, five major sections address the critical aspects of the field:

  • Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership Development
  • Attributes of Successful Leaders
  • Contemporary Leadership Challenges
  • Broadening the Leadership Discussion.

In each chapter, leaders share their expertise to help you solve your most pressing leadership challenges.  (Note: Chapter 12 is written by Mark David Jones)

The lineup includes leading experts from a broad range of organizations in both the public and private sectors and features a number from the Center for Creative Leadership (ranked by the Financial Times as one of the top three leadership development organizations in the world).

Many of the authors also provide free tools. If you can invest in only one leadership book, let this be it. You’ll have all the insights and applications you need to thoroughly understand and practice its principles, guided by the expertise of those who have literally written the books on leadership.




TITLE: “Results, Stat! Transforming Your Healthcare Team, the Disney Way (No Pixie Dust Needed!): Proven Strategies and Tactical Tools to Consistently Deliver World-Class Care”

From the author of the best-sellingLead With Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence” and implementation expert who rolled out Disney’s transformational Performance Excellence improvement process (which Disney still uses today), Mark David Jones will reveal the insider tips on how to optimize team performance within your healthcare organization.

Based on the best-selling healthcare leadership book in history (over 500,000 copies sold!) “If Disney Ran Your Hospital” by Fred Lee, this implementation book will show how to improve your healthcare team’s outcomes while enjoying healthier workplace culture and morale.

Despite the chaos that currently exists in the healthcare industry, there are practical things that you can influence to improve all aspects of the workplace experience.  The book will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding How to Lead Change in Health Care
  • Proven World-Class Strategies in Healthcare
  • Leader, Heal Thyself
  • First Things First: The Missing Link
  • Creating Team Magic in the Real World
  • Be Aware and Care: Heartwiring the Patient Experience
  • Margin for your Mission: Sustaining Excellence
  • Fulfilling Your Healthcare Calling

You will learn how to transform your leadership, team culture, patient satisfaction, and operational excellence.  This book will be full of step-by-step team implementation tactics from Disney and other world-class companies – including some of Mark’s legendary clients: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns-Hopkins, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and more.

RELEASE DATE: Summer, 2020