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In The Beginning…

Finally! After years of encouragement, I’m making the leap to provide a blogging venue for the experiences and insights I discover while working with businesses all over the world. My goal is to distill the secrets of world-class corporations (without diluting them!) and share low and no cost ways for you to implement them in your operation about once every week or so.

As an “operation guy” at heart, I know how none of us has time to play “mental pattycake” with our careers, so I’ll cut to the chase. You’ll get the real me – and my “plop it out there” stand that causes “business as usual” people to get uncomfortable. In an ocean of overwhelming fluff that is out there, I’m committed to contribute something valuable to us all: proven strategies and tactics that really works!

I’m counting on you to share as well. I eagerly invite your questions (what challenges are you facing right now that need to be fixed for your company to lead the pack?) and your insights. Thank you in advance for being part of what will be an amazing community of difference-makers!

Welcome to “our” new blog. I’m thrilled to partner with you!