Frequently Asked Questions about Mark David Jones

Q: How can you speak on such a wide variety of topics?

A: As “the transformation guy”, I’ve led dozens of large-scale organizational change efforts – and I’ve learned that there are many facets involved with creating sustainable improvements. Over the years, my natural curiosity had me focusing on the numerous issues that affect the outcome. I quickly discovered that I had learned about the many things that build a successful business.

Q: What size audiences do you speak to?

A: I’ve delivered keynotes to groups from 20 people up to as many as 10,000 people.

Q: How long is your talk?

A: As long as you need it to be. I’ve done everything from 20 minutes to five full days at one time without repeating any content. I’ll deliver whatever you need for the event.

Q: If necessary, can you adjust (shorten or lengthen) your keynote at the last minute?

A: Absolutely. I’ve delivered over 1,300 keynotes and find that other elements of an event don’t always run according to the prepared agenda. Whether you need me to stretch it out or tighten it up in the moment, I always end when you want me to. Always.

Q: How do you handle unexpected changes?

A: I work hard to prepare for Plan A, but I’ve accidentally developed a reputation for being the “go to guy” when things change at the last minute. For example, twice I’ve jumped in with less than an hour’s notice and covered for another speaker who missed their flight. Once, when a musical recording broke during a live show at Disney, I was forced to grab a live microphone and speak impromptu for 10 minutes to a crowd of 8,000 people until our tech team fixed the problem. We had fun! My goal as your partner is to smooth over any unexpected surprise so it becomes seamless to your audience.

Q: Can you present multiple programs on the same day?

A: Sure! I’ve often delivered a keynote, then an executive team meeting, break-out session or a panel discussion (even on different topics) in the same day at no extra charge. Many clients find this is a great way to get creative and optimize their investment.

Q: What kinds of audiences do you speak to?

A: Everyone from executives to front line workers. I work hard to adapt my style to the unique audience and circumstances of the event. I like to be as “real” as the situation allows, but my commitment is always to be appropriate. A CEO once told me I was “controversial in just the right way”. That balance seems to shake things up without offending.

Q: Are you a right fit for any situation?

A: No. I will only accept speaking engagements when I can guarantee to successfully exceed expectations. We’ll know by the end of our initial discussion. Our reputations (both yours and mine!) are worth far more than settling for a wrong fit.

Q: Are you available on the date of my event?

A: Click here to contact us about your dates and check Mark’s availability.